RoSE – Return on Sales Effectiveness – program

Realizing sales effectiveness is more than technology. To get the most out of the sales enablement solution, the sales tools must be adapted to your specific sales processes and particular sales interactions.

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To identify and implement sales applications that have measurable impact on sales performance, d!nk works in close collaboration with your sales and marketing specialists. The RoSE pilot program, aimed at proving the Return on Sales Effectiveness, comes in 2 flavours:

If you are unsure as whether to invest in a sales enablement solution, we can help you make this decision. In our RoSE Light program we offer a workshop with a d!NK sales consultant and your sales management.

Our RoSE Premium program is a Pilot program that aims to prove the Return on Sales Effectiveness for your organisation. This program is a great learning opportunity and necessary to make a company-wide roll-out successful.

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