What would you do with an extra month of sales time?

Eliminate sales time wasters today.

9 extra sales days, every quarter

SalesMatik is Microsoft Co-sell Ready

Microsoft qualified d!nk as a Co-sell Ready partner.
SalesMatik, d!nk’s sales enablement suite, is now available in Microsoft AppSource.

Don’t let sales time wasters be in the way of sales results.

Go for the 13th sales month.

Preparation time

No more slide-shuffling the night before meetings. The greatest pitchbooks to engage with buyers are ready for success in the SalesMatik app

Sales Admin time

We’ve automated the visit report to make the sales process run on actual data without bothering sellers with tedious CRM poetry

Follow-up time

No more searching for the right documents. Share relevant information during the meeting in a dedicated account hub


The toolkit to increase sales productivity and realise the 13th sales month


Build interactive sales content
and push to the sales teams


Impress buyers with
high-impact sales tools


Instant follow up of
customer meetings


Automate sales activity


Skill & knowledge improvement
adapted to the busy sales life


Feel the pulse of your sales teams
with deep a

Join over 15,000 sellers and achieve better sales results

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Software with a Service

Technology without adoption is useless. Rely on our expertise to make your Sales Enablement project successful.

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How to eliminate sales time wasters

Save 15% of sales time - dink