Customer Case

Realise the 13th sales month with effective sales tools.

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One of the world’s leading medical technology companies offers innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical and Neurotechnology which help improve patient and hospital outcomes.

The Challenge

The Company’s product range is extensive. More than 30,000 products across all these medical disciplines complicate the job of their sales teams: prepare the customer meeting with the right content, have meaningful conversations with diverse domain experts and process the information afterwards, making sure both customer follow-up and updates of internal systems and stakeholders are done adequately and in time.

Being an innovative company at the core, this company turned to technology to complement the skills of their extensive team of sellers in Europe. The iPad would quickly become the standard tool for Field Sales but the full potential of this touch device could only be unlocked with the right software, making content available in a straightforward and intuitive way.

From the start of the relationship in 2010, the partnership with d!nk has seen a steady growth, with more countries jumping on the bandwagon (from Western Europe to EMEA, Canada and Latin-America). These sales teams now rely on d!nk for their everyday work, and the Company has seen a steady increase in productivity as more tools and apps have been made available to support sales activities and processes.

The Solution

In 2010, the Company engaged with d!nk to make static pdf content available to their Sales teams, as a replacement for the Product Managers’ repetitive task of supplying the same content over and over again. The initial feedback was great, and soon, the Company started using d!nk’s interactive sales enablement platform, which boosted sales efficiency and deal velocity, increased job satisfaction, and got structured reporting and deep insights from the sales teams’ activities on the road, contributing to more effective sales strategies.

With d!nk’s SalesMatik platform, the business owners in Sales and Marketing are now in complete control of building and managing the tools they need to be successful. Leveraging their business process and product knowledge to the fullest, they are now able to offer customized tools and applications to their teams in a matter of weeks (instead of months or years) without tying up internal resources,  and with a very limited impact on the P&L. As the SalesMatik platform is 100% secure and runs from Microsoft’s Azure cloud, there is virtually no effort needed from the IT department. Co-workers can use the apps with a secure single-sign-on, which protects all sensitive data in compliance with the Company’s stringent security and  privacy standards.