Saving time, while creating new dynamic ways of selling.

Discover how the Medical Global Business Unit of Heraeus, a leading technology group, succeeded in creating additional sales time, using the outstanding connectivity, usability and adaptability features of our platform.

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Interactivity to the fullest, creating aligned teams, strong processes and customized tools.

Learn all about how this innovative Medical device company partnered up with d!nk to realize the 13th sales month. We stay away from the big overhauls and instead focus on the daily reality of sales people. We know this because we are sales people too.

How to realise the 13th sales month?

SalesMatik is d!nk’s sales productivity suite that helps you save 15% sales time

Create and distribute sales tools that save time in preparation and follow up of sales meetings.

SalesMatik is closely integrated with your CRM to save time in administration.

Close deals faster: sales tools created with SalesMatik reduce sales lead time.

Sales is a skill you can’t learn from the book: learn the sales essentials while on the road.

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Fast and professional implementation: Trenker

A remarkably fast, comprehensive and professional implementation 

Discover how Trenker, a pharmaceuticals producer and distributor, was able to roll out company-wide sales enablement within the extremely short period of 2 weeks. 

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How to free up 15% of sales time.

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