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How to realise the 13th sales month?

Easily create & distribute sales tools

Imagine you could spent less time on non-sales core activities such as client meeting preparation, follow-up time & sales administration. With d!nk, you can by easily creating and distributing sales tools that save time in preparation and follow up of sales meetings.

Prepare -51%

Gather all required tools & slide in a few clicks and decrease the time you spent on preparing for your meetings.

Sales admin -54%

Push all required information directly to your favorite CRM while exiting your prospect’s office.

Follow up -38%

All the information of your customer visit is already in the d!nk app. Just press “send” and you’re done with your follow up.

Prepare -51%

Decrease the time you spent on preparing for your client meetings.

Client Case: Heraeus

Read how the sales people at Heraeus save 4,5 hours per week on non-core sales tasks.





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4,5 hours per week in time savings on various non-core sales tasks.

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Launching an efficiënt mobile sales enablement in just 2 weeks with d!nk.