Fast invoicing, accurate and
up-to-date stock, inventory overview

The Situation

The sales rep experienced a lot of issues managing consignment inventories of customers. By the time they received new inventory countings it was often already outdated.

Customers don’t have an accurate overview on their own stock which leads to misplaced orders, products that run out of stock and products that reach the expiry date.

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The Targets

During the first phase of the 5D process – DEFINE – very clear goals were set from the beginning, making sure the solution and results would meet expectations for all parties:

Simplify the re-ordering process

Reduce waste

Lower lead time for re-ordering

Improve product rotation

The Solution

Together with the client, d!nk analyzed the re-ordering process, identified bottlenecks in the stock management and created mock-ups to test the improved workflow.

The outcome is the Inventory Counting App

Main features of the app:

• Database driven, accurate and up-to-date stock
• Notifications when products are running out of stock or are about to reach the expiry date
• Simple re-order form

The Results

The Inventory Counting App has lead to efficient consignment stock management. It reduces the waste creation, minimized products exceeding their expiry date and improved product rotation.

Since the implementation of the Inventory Counting App the lead time for re-ordering new products has lowered with 33 % thanks to accurate stock overview and simple re-order form.

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Client Statement:

We have a long term relationship with d!nk. They understand the challenges of sales people in the field and thanks to their hands-on approach, d!nk helps us to drastically increase the efficiency of our customer service operations.

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