Increases the success rate, reduces interactionslessens administration time

The Situation

The sales rep and inbound customer service play a key role in booking implants and instrument kits for upcoming surgical procedures.

The paper-based flow caused administration overload, frequent interactions to get the booking right, wasted sales time and an unprofessional customer image.

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The Targets

During the first phase of the 5D process – DEFINE – very clear goals were set from the beginning, making sure the solution and results would meet expectations for all parties:

Simplify the overall booking process

Improve the quality of booking

Removing administration overhead

Reduce the number of booking errors

Enhance the customer experience

The Solution

Together with the client, d!nk analyzed the current kit booking process, identified bottlenecks and created mock-ups to test the improved workflow.

Within 10 weeks of the initial workshop, d!nk provided the first release of the
Kit Booking app.

Main features of the app:

• Database driven, up-to-date bill of material of over 1000 kits
• Scheduling of procedures
• Indication of availability based on real-time ERP information
• Register the booking and route to customer service

The Results

The Instrument Booking application immediately improved the efficiency of the kit booking process, reduced administration overhead and improved the “first time right” booking success.

The average booking time for the sales rep and the customer service agent is reduced with 50% thanks to the digital flow replacing telephone interactions. Having a Return on Investment in less than 6 months.

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Client Statement:

We have a long term relationship with d!nk. They understand the challenges of sales people in the field and thanks to their hands-on approach, d!nk helps us to drastically increase the efficiency of our customer service operations.

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