Seamless switching between selling and learning.

Integrating all learnings into the busy sales life, no longer making it a separate and time-consuming activity.

Fast onboarding

Good sales people are a scarce resource. Typically, it takes 3-6 months for new hires to be fully operational and bring in new revenue. Onboarding is based on self-discovery, taking time from colleagues and trial&error.

Dink Sales Learning drastically reduces the time to revenue: use structured learning plans with challenging learning objectives for each part of the job: what is our sales methodology, how is the sales support organised, what are the processes, where to find sales documentation, how to make an offer,…

With Dink Sales Learning it is not only straightforward to  turn existing documentation into attractive learning content, but also a matter of drag&drop to setup courses and learning plans. Smart tests and certification drive the stickiness of the learning.

Sales always sharp as a knife

Even the best sales need to keep up to speed with the changing environment. New competitors, changing regulations, new technology make it for every sales mandatory to keep up with the latest.

Don’t have each sales person waste time on finding their own way to keep up to speed. Dink Sales Learning provides an environment for continuous knowledge refresh. 

Sales is free to go and explore the knowledge library when a quick refresher is needed, for instance to prepare for expected questions during an upcoming client meeting.

Periodic knowledge tests identify learning needs and create a continuous learning environment, keeping all sales people sharp as a knife and in best selling shape.

Sales Training is a waste of time!

Maybe it’s time to change your mind.
We found 5 ways to increase adoption of learning

  1. Topic based learning
  2. Adapt content to the sales person’s mind
  3. No testing, no learning
  4. Snackable, adaptive courses that engage salespeople
  5. Reward participation & engagement

Use your time to sell

As a sales you want to use your time to sell, not waste it in classrooms getting product trainings or doing role plays when you could have been out there visiting customers.

With the SalesMatik Learning App you can now do your learning on the go, when you are sitting in the waiting room before your next meeting or you have some free time in the car in between scheduled appointments.

Following all offered courses and quizzes in the SalesMatik Learning App will make sure you are always up to date and you can now do it on your own pace, matching your busy sales calendar without losing time to sell.

Tailor-made Learning Plans

With the SalesMatik learning environment, the Learning Manager creates and manages learning plans with courses to train the sales reps on new products or solutions and to keep them up to date about campaigns, processes, technical information or sales tricks.

With 2 different type of learning plans available, it is possible to define a specific order with conditional tests or to allow the learner to pick any course as a refresh before entering a meeting.

Sales Training is a waste of time!

Maybe it’s time to change your mind.
We found 5 learning formats sales will find useful

  1. Pitch training
  2. Pick-as-you-need refresh library
  3. Time dependent formats
  4. Knowledge training
  5. Mandatory learning

Easy content creation and management

The content of the courses is also created with the SalesMatik PowerPoint add-on, allowing for the same richness of interactivity as for the sales tools.

To upload the learning content, the same admin portal is in place as well. Making it all nicely integrated and easy to work with.

Learn from our experience

At d!nk, we’ve over 5 years of experience with Sales Learning. We bundled our expertise into the Learning Consultancy Program. Use it to your advantage!

Interactive testing, fun rewarding

For every course you can create a quiz to test the knowledge of your colleagues concerning the topic they have been educated about.
When succeeding the test your colleagues can continue the program and take the next one available. If they fail a test, they can retake the course and afterwards the quiz whenever they are ready for it.

When passing a test, a rewarding badge will be added to the users account, making it more fun and keeping up the motivation of the team.
Another level of team motivation is the ‘Gamification’ option, where learners win points based on achievements.

Set up Sales Training in a day


Start with the low hanging fruit: the first learning plan should be a walk-through of the existing sales tools. Not only will the existing sales tools be multifold more effective, this effort will also greatly appreciated by sales.

Enable your sales team to work better, faster and more efficient. Start today.