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Everyone needs a best friend

SalesMatik aims to be your best friend. Friends are there to help.
Do you spend time to pull together slides before customer meetings, or search for the right sales documents on intranet?  Not anymore! With SalesMatik, you always have the latest versions of the presentations, documents, videos, forms and calculators you need to go from lead to deal and  grow your customer afterwards.

High impact meetings

You are the best of the best, top-notch, there is no doubt about it.
Nevertheless, it is safe to say the tools that are supposed to help you sell are not up for the challenge.

During meetings with prospects, you don’t need 50 slides to explain your company and the great products. That worked last century. Nowadays, you need sales tools to understand the customer’s business, show the value of your products and find out how the decisions are made.

No more missed opportunities with SalesMatik. With SalesMatik, you get sales tools that help you create urgency, calculate the ROI for your specific customer, prove how you overcome the objections they may have. We make sure the tools reflect the quality of your work.

Customer Case Heraeus

SalesMatik gives each sales person 4.5 extra hours per week to spend core sales tasks.

Efficiency of follow-up

So you’ve shared the requested information with your customer, but now you’re in the blue with what is happening with that information. Thanks to SalesMatik Account Hub, you can share relevant information with your customer during the meeting, but what is happening afterwards is the real game-changer. You’ll get a detailed overview of what you’ve shared throughout the time with your customer, when they viewed it, what they actually viewed and how much time they spent on it.

During the meeting you’re in control, now ensure you keep that control also after you left the building.

You hate CRM reporting

We get it, we’re sales people too. Visit reporting is not for you, it’s for the company you work for. But rather than fighting it, have you considered simply not wasting time on reporting while still having the necessary customer information documented? Gone are the days writing down a tedious visit report of your client meeting. Thanks to SalesMatik you automate your visit report even before jumping back into your car. With one push of the button, a fully automated report is sent to the CRM. Everybody happy, without burning your valuable sale time.

Share pitches and learn from others

Improve your performance and that of your sales colleagues by sharing your pitches, easily recorded and reviewed before uploading. It’s fair to say your colleagues may be stronger in some domains that you, and this can be a great help for you to learn from them. You’re numéro uno in every domain? Congratulations! Please don’t keep it all to yourself, share your experience with your colleagues and be acknowledged as a true leader of the pack.

Learning center

If you’re not getting excited about a classroom day of training, you’re not alone. You want to go out in the field, and be with customers. Regardless, learning needs to happen and ideally it’s a continuous thing. Thanks to SalesMatik Learning Center, you can pick snackable courses at any time convenient to you through reading and watching. Any learning topic is no more than a few minutes, perfect while you’re waiting for a meeting to start or between customer meetings. Think you’ve mastered the topic before handling the course? Do a quick pre-test and simply skip the course if you succeed.

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