Our key findings and takeaways

Our key findings and takeaways that you actually need to create a better sales process. The productivity of sales teams

Wasting Valuable Sales Time

Let’s break it down: on average we spend 55% of our meeting time on administrative tasks, while only 40% of our time is spent during the sales meetings itself. Naturally, administration is a must but the balance is off. A necessary evil you could say, because to convince your prospect to become your customer you’ll need to make a powerpoint presentation, and obviously, you need to write up all the collected data during your meeting, save your meeting notes, draw up contracts, … Whether you like it or not.

Good intentions, bad results

The focus on CRM and less on sales tools that help sales people in their core sales activities, has lead to a distraction of sales and a focus on non-productive sales activities. This prevents sales teams from working in a truly customer centric way and spent time on the admin side of things. Making better looking presentations, asking more questions, giving prospects an overload of information that might not even be of interest to them. As a result, sales people aren’t working as productive as they would like to get their bonuses.

What if we told you that there’s a way to free up a big part of this time to spend more valuable time on your core sales activities? On actual customer facing time, prospecting, upselling and more. 

Using our d!nk SalesMatik interactive sales tool, you can create and distribute your own sales tools that save time in preparation and follow up of sales meetings, and integrate it with your own CRM.

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