Bottom-up fact based mapping, detailed overview of market potential, competitors market overview

The Situation

Forecasting was based on subjective assessments of opportunities by sales. Mapping of installed base was done on a local level, for specific products. As data was entered in spreadsheets and manually entered into CRM, but no consolidated market overview was available.

The market penetration was based on a best guess and quotas and target where not based on the true market potential. The whole process was time consuming and the value for the organization was limited.


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The Targets

During the first phase of the 5D process – DEFINE – very clear goals were set from the beginning, making sure the solution and results would meet expectations for all parties:


Market insight

Accurate sales forecasting

View on competitor installed base

Simplify the forecasting process

The Solution

Together with the client, d!nk analyzed the current market insight process, identified bottlenecks and created mock-ups to test the improved workflow.

Within 8 weeks of the initial workshop, d!nk provided the first release of the Inventory Mapping app.

Main features of the app:

• One centralized territory overview
• Survey for installed equipment
• Data exchange with CRM
• Detailed overview of market share and territories
• Generate business plan with sales forecast and reporting to the business

The Results

The Mapping application immediately resulted in bottom-up fact based mapping of the installed bases of all hospitals providing a detailed overview of market potential, competitor market shares and concrete opportunities per territory. It moved away from scattered spreadsheets to a consolidated territory overview and gives actionable market insights with multi-level dashboards per product, segment and territory.

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Client Statement:

“A great step towards understanding the true market penetration at each territory level and how we can set quotas and targets that appropriately reflect the sales opportunities in a territory.”

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