Easily monitor adoption and content usage.

Coach your users and continuously improve publications. Export your findings along the way.

Follow-up adoption on a high level

In one click, you can immediately see how the overall adoption in your enterprise is today. Are all of your users ‘ready to use’ d!nk? Or are they already ‘advanced’ and ready to shine?

To easily monitor we work with 5 categories, from totally inactive users that have not yet logged in to the advanced colleagues that are regularly submitting survey’s and working with the Account Hubs.¬†Clicking on a category, it will show you the list of the users belonging to it.

Dive into the content adoption

Ensure that the entire sales team is equipped with the latest updated documentation. Check the usage of specific content to improve publications where possible and coach users in working with them.

What is the most used content? Are there unused slides in a presentation? No more secrets for you. Everything you want to know is right there, at your fingertips.

Go into detail of the usage

You can see the activity for the entire enterprise, per library, per business unit or per user for different default periods. When hoovering over a graph you will get the exact moment in time and durations, mentioned in the lines and bars. If you want to zoom in on a specific timezone within the graph, you can work with the timeline bar on top.

Which department works the least with the app? Who is sharing content via Account Hubs? Find out, coach and evaluate.

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