We believe in
strong partnerships

At d!nk, we enable sales teams to eliminate sales time wasters: more time to engage with customers, and effectively close more deals.


The key to a successful d!nk implementation is good knowledge of the customers, their market and their challenges: that is when our solution delivers on its full promise. Therefore, we are looking for partnerships with companies who combine that passion for the customer with deep understanding of sales interactions, the underlying processes and integration capabilities – partners who want to grow their customers with extra sales time!

d!nk is a cloud-based solution and deeply integrates with CRM systems. Particularly, organisations running Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 will see huge efficiency benefits from integration with d!nk. And you can deliver that magic!

Reach your sales goal with dink

What do we offer?

d!nk’s SalesMatik is a proven platform that will not only yield recurring commissions but is also a springboard for new business.

The comprehensive consultancy and sales support resources will help you to close d!nk deals. Hands-on support on d!nk integration & app development will put you on track for new business. We’ll support you with d!nk direct marketing and leadgen in your target market.

And of course you’ll get internal use licenses so your own sales team can get the benefits of d!nk too.

What do we expect from you?

Not much: just become a d!nk Certified Partner! Learn from our specialists how to sell and implement our solution – and that’s it.

We offer an online Sales Certification track for sales, and an online/interactive Integration Track with technical insights. Complete these 2 tracks and you’re good to go. Additional team members completing either track will add to your status as a Certified Partner, and will bring you more leads!


Book a video call with one of our Partner Managers! We are happy to discuss how we can help you and your customers benefit with d!nk.