Create interactive pitchbooks & sell more efficient.

The n°1 Microsoft-friendly sales enablement platform.

One message, many voices

Ensure that the entire sales team is equipped with the latest and greatest sales presentations, documents, videos, forms and tools. With immediate push & pull on their devices and great convenience and insights while in front of customers and prospects.

Sales reps profit from the convenience to everywhere and always have the right tools for the job, drastically decreasing the time needed for preparation of a successful  customer meeting, ready to rock & roll.

Succeed with high impact sales tools

Having all presentations and content at your fingertips is only the beginning. With SalesMatik, sales reps can focus on the value they can deliver to the customers’ business.

Spend your time interacting with your customers, presenting, proving the value of your products and services and overcoming objections. All of this can be done during a meeting, and avoids having to spend time on tedious spreadsheet simulations and copy-pasting proposals afterwards. Convince your customer here and now, focus on their needs and what is required to move the deal.

On-the-go learning for better selling

Effective salespeople are masters of a complex skillset. It takes technical expertise and fine-tuned people skills to translate product specs into persuasive value. Mastering these skills takes years of practice. Meanwhile, your people have goals to hit this month.

L&D can help accelerate the learning curve by delivering sales training in a format that’s highly effective in a short amount of time. d!nk Sales Learning provides quick, impactful learning that fits into the schedule of even the busiest salesperson.

Create interactive pitchbooks & elearnings in PowerPoint

In just a few simple clicks, you can convert any Powerpoint presentation into a truly interactive sales presentation or learning course, delivering immediate value to your sales team. All you need is basic Powerpoint skills, a creative mindset and our unique SalesMatik PowerPoint Plugin to build jaw-dropping sales content that will engage your reps and their customers.

Forget about move from boring slides to sales pitchbooks that engage prospects during the meeting to reveal their needs and allow you to collect customer information in an attractive way. Example? Quantify the benefits that your products or services bring in the context of the prospect and make on the spot a proposal fit to the needs of your customer.

Customer Case Medical Device company

Realise the 13th sales month with effective sales tools.

Immediate and Insightful follow-up

Grasp the momentum and use the SalesMatik Account Hub to share all relevant presentations, documents and videos with your customer, while closing your meeting. The Account Hub brings all the information together to turn a lead into a deal. No more digging in emails to find the latest version of a datasheet or proposal. With a single click, your customers see all the up-to-date information in one place, from where they can share with colleagues.

Thanks to the Account Hub insights, you will be informed when your customer is engaging with the information you shared, helping you to take the right initiatives at the right time.

CRM reporting made effortless

Gone are the days of writing visit reports in CRM. Forget about sitting behind your desk in the evening or during the weekend, trying to catch up with that obligatory report. Starting today, you could be focusing on your actual customers, making the most out of your meeting, having the CRM report created automagically as a result of your meeting. Feel free to edit before submitting it to CRM, as we want to make sure you stay in control. After all, great sales people are always in control, not only of their pipeline.

Continuous improvements

Enable your team to outperform, by knowing what is valuable in the field and what isn’t. Identify where in the sales content your people are lost, what content works and which tools are valuable for the business.

Technology without adoption is worthless. SalesMatik analytics is built around activation insights to show which sales people are using the sales tools and what actions to take to drive adoption in the field.

Standardized dashboards allow you to focus on quality of content, usage throughout the year and adoption by the team.

We take security & privacy seriously

Security is at the core of the way we are organised and the technology partners we select. Our processes and policies are based on recognised OWASP guidelines. Our software is running on industry-leading infrastructure provider Microsoft Azure.

Privacy is of no less importance. We apply strict policies for making sure our customers’ data is safe with us. Through seperation of development and production environments, strict access control, encryption and anonymisation, we minimize the risk for data exposure. All our data is hosted in the EU.

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