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SalesMatik CRM Connector

Efficient use of CRM is a major opportunity for sales productivity improved. SalesMatik is deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and CRM. Creating/editing contacts, accounts, opportunities and appointments is child’s play from the essential CRM client inside the SalesMatik app.

Creating fully automated visit reports is magic. We managed to minimise time spent on CRM reporting while achieving unprecedented levels of data quality, capturing deep information from the sales meetings.

Be ready to change the way you work with CRM forever, be ready to start focusing again on that what matters most in sales.

Single Sign On

We’ve integrated the SalesMatik Identity server with ADFS, OKTA, OpenID and Google ID to integrate authentication and reduce security risks.

PowerPoint / Office365

SalesMatik offers a Powerpoint plugin which can be easily installed into PowerPoint. The plugin adds an additional tab to the PowerPoint ribbon, from which you get access to a set of new features allowing you to convert any PowerPoint presentation into a truly interactive pitchbook including forms, calculators, dynamic graphs, action buttons (email or save data), special hyperlinks and even a responsive design mode.

In the background, our technology will automatically convert the Powerpoint file into HTML5 and AngularJS, which ensures it can be used on any type of device running one of the many SalesMatik client apps.

Pandadoc document generation

From the SalesMatik app you can easily collect information from your customer, through a survey or a calculator. Thanks to the Pandadoc integration, this dynamic data is inserted into a template and a customized document is generated, ready to be sent to the customer.

Think of automated proposals or contracts or any other customer document which advances your sales process.

Customer Case Trenker Laboratoria

Launching an efficiënt mobile sales enablement in just 2 weeks with d!nk.


SalesMatik is built on the Azure cloud and leverages Azure’s security environment.

App stores and browsers

The SalesMatik app can be downloaded through all of the established Appstores such as iOS AppStore, Android Playstore and Windows Store. Next to that, our webapp can be accessed from any device on any of the commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows Edge.


For sending out automated emails from SalesMatik, we integrate by default with Mandrill, the transactional email platform built by Mailchimp.

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