Customer Case Trenker Laboratories

Launching an efficiënt mobile sales enablement in just 2 weeks with d!nk.


Trenker Laboratories was founded in 1933 by Rodolphe Henry Trenker.
Since then, the company has enjoyed a strong reputation within the medical profession.

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The Challenge

Trenker markets a wide variety of products and hence sales staff need a large portfolio of sales collateral. Trenker needed a stable and easy-to-use mobile sales app to enable the sales team to access the right information during the sales conversations with health care professionals. 

Trenker prefers to manage applications autonomously by internal resources, without having to rely on third parties. Therefore, hassle-free update of sales content by the marketing team was a key requirement.

The management of the content had to be easy-to-use as product information receives frequent updates and compliance requires the concerned sales rep to be pushed the right information instantly. 

Additionally, the application should be easy-to-use for the sales representatives and only show the relevant content. No more time wasted on searching for the right sales collateral.

Pharmaco-vigilance manager Trenker

The ease of use and speed of operation is incredible

Graphical designer Trenker

It amazes me that building apps is made so easy by the d!nk Powerpoint Plugin

The Solution

Trenker cut short the pilot period as the benefits of the d!nk application were clear after a few days of use. Sales representatives were excited about the ease-of-use, and during a one-day hands-on training, the marketing team had put all the sales collateral online and moreover created multimedia visuals that were expected to take weeks.

The d!nk content analytics provide insights for Trenker’s marketing department to adjust and continuously improve their sales collateral and coach the sales representatives.