Automatically calculate reductions, generate offer on the spot,
one-click share with back-office, integration with ERP system

The Situation

The sales rep creates offers manually on paper. While the customer is waiting, the sales rep has to calculate the total amount & personal reductions.

The paper-based flow waists a lot of time during the sales conversation, mistakes are often made doing calculations on the spot, colleagues of back-office work inefficient when putting all written data in the ERP system.

Less sales stress with dink

The Targets

During the first phase of the 5D process – DEFINE – very clear goals were set from the beginning, making sure the solution and results would meet expectations for all parties:

Digitalise the creation of offers

Automatically calculate reductions

Eliminate administrative work for back-office

Integrate offer tool with existing ERP system

Enhance the customer experience

The Solution

Together with the client, d!nk analyzed the current offer creation process, pointed out different obstacles and created a detailed scope of work to describe all needed functionalities.

Main features of the app:

• Digital form to fill in details of offer
• Automatic calculation based on real live data
• Integration with their existing ERP system
• Registered offers in online database for back-office

The Results

Thanks to the Offer Tool the sales reps can now work more professionally. They no longer waste precious time during sales conversations and are guaranteed they are showing the correct price.

At the back-office, more than 45 % of the administrative time is saved thanks to the integration with the ERP system. They don’t have to copy data into the system manually which gives them extra time to focus on the follow up of the offers.

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Client Statement:

d!nk helped us to look beyond just digitizing the offer form. They understand the entire offer creation process needed to be revised in order to increase efficiency. We now make a professional impression when meeting customers.

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