Frees up sales time, improves first-time-right rate, one place to go

The Situation

During a sales conversation, the sales rep continuously needs to switch between their Sales Pitch Tool and a separate digital order form to create orders.

The sales rep has no choice but to interrupt his sales conversation time after time, or to memorize the order of the customer until the conversation is finished.


Less sales stress with dink

The Targets

During the first phase of the 5D process – DEFINE – very clear goals were set from the beginning, making sure the solution and results would meet expectations for all parties:

Simplify the overall order creation process

Collect all required data in one place

Reduce the number of booking errors

Enhance the customer experience

Automate the order creation flow

The Solution

d!nk analyzed the existing tools and solutions of the customer and suggested an improved workflow with one centralized tool.

Main features of the app:

• quick link with online database
• simplified order form
• integration with existing CRM system
• clear product overview with easy search function

The Results

The customer immediately experienced an improvement of effectiveness in the order creation process of the sales rep during the sales conversation. The sales rep can now focus on the sales conversation, while in the meantime the order is created almost automatically.

On top of this, customers are more eager to order products during the sales conversation itself in comparison to the past where the order form was filled in separately after finishing the conversation. Resulting in 12 % more orders with the exact same parties.Get more done with dink

Client Statement:

Thanks to a simple solution of  combining different steps in one professional tool, we can now focus on our sales conversation. Our customers aren’t distracted by practicalities, which has increased our selling during conversations by 12 %.

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