Launch & landing complete: our new Portfolio Manager

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The time has come! Our new Portfolio Manager has landed. That’s one small step for our d!nk superheros, one giant leap for d!nk. At d!nk, we don’t ‘just innovate’. We evolve and create solutions because we know that you will benefit. Because when we grow, we want you to grow with us.


d!nk’s promise to eliminate sales time wasters also applies to the time spent to create and manage sales tools. That’s why we’re very happy to announce our latest product redesign. We rebranded the upgraded d!nk product as SalesMatik. This new platform has been under construction for over a year, and now we’re ready to show you what we’ve been working on.

We did our best to make the new Portfolio Manager very easy to use and when taking a closer look you’ll notice we drastically simplified the management of your content, your users and communication.

What has changed?

  1. Streamlined content & user management
  2. Controlled account activation in the Account Hub
  3. Smooth & swift communication to users


Using our new drag and drop feature, you can now upload any content you need to your portfolio manager in a matter of seconds.

Simplify content uploading and distribution by dragging, dropping and choosing which libraries the content belongs to. And then, at the push of a button, push the newly added content directly to users that needs access, no matter the time zone they’re in. Just check or uncheck the boxes to determine who can access the updated content.

Use filter to immediately find the content you’re looking for, rather than searching every single library.

New users, teams or settings? Manage your users through our new interface. Invite new people by clicking the blue ‘+ Add user’ button. Manage their settings through the dropdown feature at the right of each user box.

Immediately notice user roles and rights by using the color indicators, or immediately find users by filtering your feed at the left of your interface. Maximum user-friendliness at a minimum of time. You’ll notice the image at the top changes a few times a day. This is the one feature our CEO wanted to add. He claims it is relaxing to see landscape images.


The Account Hub is a controlled environment where the sales person and the customer meet. The Account Hub is a microsite where sales reps share relevant documents with customers, with the possibility to monitor every interaction.

Our redesigned Account Hub uses inbound marketing techniques in sales to smartly and non-intrusively uinteract with customers through the entire sales funnel. This enables the process of activating and engaging your customers.

Sales reps have at any time a view on the activity of their customers.

In order to activate customers to engage with the sales content, we introduce Campaign Messages:

  1. Content managers create a Campaign Message and alert the sales people of the new message they can use to activate customers in account hubs.
  2. Sales people share the campaign message with relevant customers
  3. Sales people monitor the engagement of their customers with the campaign message


Our updated Portfolio Manager allows you to communicate more efficiently with the entire sales team. Your newsfeed is shown in the sales app, right where all of your sales tools are.

We’ve redesigned the message editor so you can send short notifications to the sales app and also create attractive multimedia messages.

Using Newsfeed Messages and Notifications, you can alert your sales reps on new Newsfeed items, important updates or certain management decisions. You can choose a message title, insert an image, an external link, text or video. Define the timing and audience of the message and even pick an expiry time if it’s only temporarily valuable.


As we speak, our new Portfolio Manager is live. This Portfolio Manager 3.0 version allows your team to work easier, faster and better. Through advanced options, notifications and messages, but mostly because of the usability optimizations, fully adapted to what you need today.

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